The Returning Problem

In Don’t Make Me Cry I tried to describe the odd thoughts and emotions that went along with my compulsion to keep going back to Carol. Dr. Ellen Lacter has recently written an article about this entitled, “Ritual Abuse and Torture-Based Mind Control: Reducing Re-contact with Abusers.” While my experience is not exactly like any she wrote about, her article is a scholarly warning to those trying to help in a situation where the individual is compelled to re-contact.

It is the first article I have read of its kind. The problem of re-contact (going back to your abuser) in such situations is a problem I have not seen even mentioned anywhere else. And yet, obviously, you have to stay away in order to make good any escape.

I only recently started searching the internet for other stories and opinions about mind control. Prior to this, I was working on the book and didn’t want to “contaminate” my story with others’ ideas. Just last week I was lucky enough to find Dr. Ellen Lacter’s relevant article.

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